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“ The family that traded in their crowns for scraps.  The Kane family. ”





    Urijah and Asha Kane are twins, born under Anhur and Alani and belong to the Kane family.  Once upon a time their lineage was one of peace and honor now had dissolved and became a criminal syndicate.  The father Anhur is a strict man, it is said he was not always this way and overtime as the family continued their descent, so too did his sense of morality.  This was a clear contrast in comparison from their loving mother with a heart of gold.  One evening as their father had come home heavily intoxicated, he had enough of what he felt was Alani coddling the children, especially Yuri.  Anhur had yanked Yuri out of bed out of his sleep and the two had left home and before Yuri could gather his senses he was in a place unfamiliar.

The father had brought his son to some underground club filled to the brim with anyone corrupt.  A gathering dedicated to gambling and their main attraction, cage fighting.  Anhur had forced his young son into the brutality, Asha was pushed into the art of ballet as a form of extreme discipline. 


    Urijah was raised in those cages since the age of twelve, punishment filled his flesh.  Both Asha and Yuri resented their father, their lives, and their family name yet but both were gift and born naturals.  Despite torture being forced upon them it was their only escape.  While in his teenage years, Urijah suffers a vicious defeat. He was seriously wounded, which led him to visit a crooked family doctor.  Urijiah is evaluated and is diagnosed with a variation of congenital insensitivity to pain, Congenital Analgesia.  He is able to withstand more punishment than the average man, it's difficult for him to experience pain unless in the most severe cases.  His body can be damaged and affected but his brain won't comprehend the pain as it instead registers as an intense heat and adrenaline-induced rush. 


    Many seasons had passed sharpening the jagged stone that is Urijah. After years of fighting as a primary source of income with his own gambling, deep down fighting had become his obsession.  The more he fought, the more he wanted to train and strive to become the best in something.  The family became him.  But eventually the life took its toll, neither Asha nor Urijah held blackened hearts like their father;. Both were becoming more individuals absent from the family   Asha had moved on and becoming a nurse trying to give back to the world despite the family's greed


    The Kane family had worked up a target on their backs due to territory conflicts and the hatred many had for the warrior due to his fighting record.   This made Yuri a prime target which led to an anonymous gang affiliation running Yuri off the side of a forested road while he rode on his chopper.  Any normal man would have been killed if not severely paralyzed by the crash and wreckage.  While driving he was on the phone with his sister before the accident, Asha had come to his aid while he dipped in and out of consciousness.  Asha had brought Yuri to the hospital she frequented and asked the help of her friend and nurse she was recently becoming close with.  Yuri had survived but would need a few months to recover and lick his wounds.  Urijah and Ophelia met and the two quickly became infatuated and for once in his life it forced him to slow down, even if it was for a short time.  


    Ophelia is the daughter of a beloved retired police chief and the twin sister of ANSOUL CADE GRAY.  Who followed his father’s footsteps and is an officer, and swat task force member, but eventually becomes a detective.  Ophelia and Urijiah conceive a child.  Due to his family’s dangerous reputation, Ophelia and Uri are already under close watch from rivalries and police.  Betrayal follows between rivalries, and an all-out turf war begins. The city is affected, and pressure builds between Ansoul and Yuri Later on, Ophelia, while pregnant, is assaulted by a rival member delivering Uri a message.  This sends Urijiah spiraling out of control.  The war in the city only worsens. It's time for Urijiah’s child to be born; Ophelia births their child but passes away due to stress and birth complications.  Ansoul, at this point, discovered Ophelia had been defiled by another and is protective of his sister;  Ansoul has had enough of Urijah, upon arriving at the hospital, Urijah with his newborn in his arms, saw Ansoul learning the news of his deceased.  He wants Urijiah; he blames him for getting her involved.  He doesn't trust Urijah anymore especially to be a father to his newborn niece.  Ansoul and Yuri had met face to face, Ansoul was destroyed on the inside but conflicted with seeing the only thing left of his sister in his arms.  He gave Yuri the ultimatum, leave the city and never come back for his freedom.    Urijah needs to leave the city but his daughter would never be safe with him. All he could turn to was Asha; she was very reluctant —being just as independent as Urijah but there was no time to argue. She loved her brother, he was her comfort growing up, and love abandoned them when it came to their father.  She would die for him, he would die for her; he trusted only her with his cub. The city was too hectic, devils all around coming for Urijah's head, daring to rip off his crown.  Urijah left the city, and his daughter, in his sister's arms. Urijah was used to being on his own, the lone lion on the prowl before being recruited. An organization he would later become more than familiar with, they claimed to have tracked him down to study his resilient condition. They wanted to run some tests and experiment on him, and while guilt-ridden, he accepted what he believed was punishment.  The Chimera Project, meant to develop and enhance men into weapons while fragmenting the spirit. They pushed his body and durability to the brink. Advanced technology embedded the metronome mantras forever in his mind, images polluted with subliminals and shapes.  He was strapped to a chair, submerged in water within a pod, ripping out his reality as they poured in their fantasy as a substitute. REM SPHERES or THE ORCA,  machines were meant not only to see the mind as a vivid maze but made to simulate life in a dream.  A space where one could live a lifetime within months in a simulation as time bends differently. Urijiah had lived several lifetimes. Most of them are barbaric. All of his alternate lives further deepen his warrior essence. His most impactful being his most primitive.  Nothing but nature and jungle surrounded him.  A blade in hand, he fought, he hunted, a full life as he soaked his spirit in war.   While in the Chimera Project, all of his negative energy was harvested and through technology manifested, he found his spirit animal.  He would've fled but he truly felt this was what he deserved. He sank himself deeper and deeper into fighting, slowly breaking his sanity and driving his eyes molten with war and drooling fury.  General Galway, put a leash around Urijah, he was assigned to reign him in like the obedient hellhound he would come to be. He tossed Urijah a bone and introduced him to his squadmate and team leader.  'KARMA' KALAN OLATHE GARZA   They called her Karma, Urijah had discovered his Lion but he could see the fierce Panthera in hers. It was difficult to put into words, there was an instant pride attachment.  Thibault Galway, the General saw the potential in Urijah despite the experimentation.  With a tight leash, he needed to build Urijah his pride, behind the scenes.  Urijah was still under procedures with daily doses of hypnosis, different drug intakes, conditioning, and training.  Urijah and Karma butted heads early on, both were able to lead but at their apex when working together.  Amongst the squad, Karma was the only member able to best Yuri in a fight because of her experience. Her style is different compared to Urijiah. She was fierce with her kicks and precise, her every move was swift. She was a dancer, her kicks felt like steel. She moved like a snake. The Chimera Project and how they blended the elements of various traits to mold her so perfectly. But she and Urijah were equals (To be finished…)   




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